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We are Lee Chen-Wei and Vakulya Zoltán, a Belgium based artist duo, working in collaboration as well as individually on the field of dance performance.


After ten years of working for numerous international companies and choreographers, our interest has become to refine our own tone of voice in choreography and composition. lee/vakulya is a unity, pledged to focus on the process of making, in search for clarity and depth in performing arts.

In the past we have been collaborating with artists, music composers, visual artists such as Ding Yeh, Albert Quesada, Betty Apple, Octavi Rumbao. 

lee-vakulya -2021 © Maël G. Lagadec -035.jpg

We have been creating several choreographic work for on and off stage with the shared desire and curiosity for movement research and a distinct language in choreography. 

In both performing and choreographing, we have been nominated several time for awards such as; Taishin Arts Award Taiwan, Total Theater Award UK, Critiques Choice Spain, Mek Jung Price South Korea.

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