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Together Alone

Together Alone is a solo in dancing together, which counters the individual loneliness with the power of being together. 

 Together Alone is a solo in dancing together, which counters the individual loneliness with the power of being together. 


 Deprived of all external concealments and decorations, the two of them return to the primitive in dance and face each other with the most naked selves. In this intimate space and time, they communicate with each other and learn to move forward through compromises and cooperation.

Through constant giving and receiving, they explore the invisible border between the seemingly

close bodies. By consistently linking up and then separating, they find harmony in conflicts and again trigger conflicts in harmony. Through unceasingly merging, transferring, destruction, and then reconstruction….eventually, they squarely face their respective loneliness, together.

TogetherAlone was nominated for the

Total Theater Award 2017

Taishin Arts Foundation Award 2016

Asian Arts Award in Edinburgh 2017



“In performing nude, Chen-Wei and Vakulya Zoltan demonstrate what Jean-Luc Nancy calls “the infinite vulnerability of nudity”. Without declaration, without pretense, sincerity and bravery are revealed.” 

 (Fan Xiang-jun)



“Together Alone, does not only represent great courage and also faith in choreographers. Through the simplicity and the beauty of their bodies, we witness the upsurge and the crystal clear purity deep in their souls—simple yet rich, which is rare. We can’t help but applaud them.” 




“Together Alone does not stand for an emotional state, but rather, an action.

This is a sincere work of art that can only be created when the core of the choreography revolves around two dancers and the choreographers are themselves, dancers.” 

 (Taiwan Art Review)

"Together Alone is a space for intimacy, rather then a relationship."

 (Michael Norton, Total Theater Award)

Commision: National Theater and Concert Hall Taiwan

Choreography and dance: 

Chen-Wei Lee & Zoltan Vakulya

Set-design: Wang Ding-Yeh


Light design: Wang Cheng-Yuan


Producer: Sung Ping


Associate producer: Wu Ko-Yun 


Production: Pampas Production


Administrator: ArtB&B


Production support: Kaaitheater, Göthenborg Opera, La Raffineri


Thanks to: Vera Tussing, Ho Hsiang-Mei, Chiu Kun-Liang, MeimageDance

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