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"If you listen to Beethoven, I guess you're listening to what Beethoven is giving you in time - how it moves from point to point, key changes, modulations and stuff like that. 

In my music, you have to concentrate on one or tow things ... one thing actually. I've been told that listening to it paying attention to how you're listening, It's contemplative." 


Alvin Lucier

TL2_0275 (1).jpg

'The passing measures' is a multi-disciplinary stage work which addresses the relationship between how we listen to music and how we see movement.

Having emerged from the desire to reflect on Alvin Lucie's meditative sonic piece - 'I'm sitting in a room' - Wei and Zoltan connect to their shared experience of the lockdown period in the early 2020, to create a space for the audience to sense the weight of the passing time trough sound, movement and with live painting. 

This meditative yet intense show is an attempt to form a tactile relation between the movements of dancers, Alvin Lucier's work and the paint on stage which as it appears by the painters, will fade away as Alvin's words in his composition.  

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