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/// SLASH \\\

Today’s society is no longer Foucault's disciplinary world of hospitals, madhouses, prisons, barracks, and factories. It has long been replaced by another regime, namely a society of fitness studios, office towers, banks, airports, shopping malls, and genetic labs. It isn't a disciplinary society anymore, but an achievement one. We are “ ‘all’ subjects of achievements. ” 

- Byung-Chul Han 

/// SLASH \\\ is a space that holds several video artworks created by LEE\VAKULYA, a Belgium-based dance company led by Chen-Wei Lee and Vakulya Zoltán. They work with their long-time collaborator, visual artist Ding-Yeh Wang as their creative advisor.


/// SLASH \\\ is part of a 3-year long artistic research and creative process that started in 2021, with the first creation for the stage “ BURNT [the eternal long now] ”which has won the Taishin Performing Arts Award 2023. This exhibition is in line with the theme of BURNT and has partially grown out of the research period and the creative process. 

/// SLASH \\\ was premiered in the Digital Art Center of Taipei in 2013, 10, 07.
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Creation: LEE\VAKULYA  Chen-Wei Lee, Vakulya Zoltán

Artistic advisor: Ding-Yeh Wang

D.O.P : Shane, Y1, Eddie Lian, Nick Wu

Video edit : LEE\VAKULYA , Shane 

Subtitle translation: Joanne Shyue, Mina Wang

Colorist: Shane

Sound design: Zi-Ming Feng

Still photography/ SICA, CHIUyU

Stunt guidance: Bruce Movie Special Effects CO., LTD.

Special Effects Technician Chia-Liang Lin, Wei-Chang Tseng, Ko-Chin Lu

Administration: Dynamo Management

Production : LEE\VAKULYA

Supervisor: Taipei City Government

Organizer: Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government
Digital Art Center, Taipei

Sponsor: National Culture and Arts Foundation

NSFG Foundation

Sunny Weng

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