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3-《kNOwn FACE不要臉》photo4-Terry Lin.jpg

Welcome to the online social platform of《kNOwn FACE》!

By bringing the virtual space, normally accessed via screens of various gadgets, now into the theaters, choreographer/performer Chen-Wei Lee explores our society’s trend of narcissism which is propelled by the selfie culture. Activities such as following famous cyberstars are now put in the spotlight onstage without the usual protection and barrier of the screens, creating direct and downright straightforward communication where real emotions and perception are passed on through body and flesh.

With the help of technology, modern people have developed the habit of examining themselves under the microscope of camera lenses. We are constantly seeking public attention on different social media platforms by presenting the self-image that we are the most satisfied with, while not necessarily being aware of our real desires hidden behind this behavior.
In the contemporary world where the Internet Barbies and Kens prevail, this seemingly prosperous virtual world in reality is only a gaping empty hole of fast-foodism.

kNOwn FACE looks right at the contradiction and void with a piercing glare, leading the audience to contemplate on the open secret beneath the shallow surface. In this virtual social platform of kNOwn FACE, audiences are free to choose their own viewing angle, and allowed to follow the internet celebrity (performer) closely, or watch it through other media, such as a large screen or a distorted mirror surface. The show has presenting a multi-angle and multi-faceted perspectives for the audience.We use different methods and performativities during the show to create the relationship between Internet celebrity (performer) and followers(audiences) , but also give the freedom for people to step out and watch this phenomenon, rather than participate in it.

Everything seems to be more exposed and authentic from this close-up performance, hearing the breathing and have direct eye contact in a close distance when the performer shuttle through the crowed, it creates interaction and direct/indirect contact that brings the audience to immerse themselves in an intimate relation of an open space.

2-《kNOwn FACE不要臉》photo2-Terry Lin.jpg



Choreography/Perform:  Chen-Wei Lee

Producer:  Hsiao-Mei Ho

Dramaturgy:  Vakulya Zoltán

Stage/Video Design:  Wang Ding-Yeh

Music Design:  Betty Apple

Lighting Design:  Joanne Shyue


Commissioned by : Taiwan International Festival of Arts, Taipei National Theater and Concert Hall.

With the support: KaaiTheater Belgium. Man-Fei Dance Fund, Taiwan. Cloud Gate Culture and Arts Foundation

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